Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Apple IPhone 6 Review Preview Updates

UPDATED 05/02/14: iPhone 6 could get a 10MP camera with an f/1.8 lens and new filter for even more amazing picture

The iPhone 6 remains a complete mystery so far - but that hasn't stopped the rumor from spreading away, and some even have a ring of truth about them.

So, what are the web's commentators saying about the iPhone 6? Well… It's A Makeover time

Apple iPhone 6

It’s very likely that the apple IPhone 6 design will be different enough from the iPhone 5s to earn it its all-new identity.

Traditionally, Apple devices have kept the same design as their predecessors, with major differences appearing on the inside mainly.

Apple will get a lot of flak if the iPhone 6 turns out to be a 5s with faster innards, so we’re expecting an all-new aluminium design with a slight curve.

There currently isn't no definite indication as to what the I6 will look like, but that hasn’t stopped the artist Frederico Ciccarese from making a iPad inspired iPhone 6 image, which borrows the curved metal backing.

The news keep the Touch ID fingerprint sensor Home button, which we expect to see return in the I6 as well.

Update 09/01/14 A reportedly genuine metal iPhone 6 casing has been posted to Weibo by Chinese site CTech.

Apart from seeming to be crazy thin, it is also wider and taller, supporting rumors of a larger 5 inch or plus screen.

If this is true, it will mean the I6 will have the biggest screen of any iPhone, letting it finally compete with its Android rivals. Samsung in particular.

Apple needs to bump up the screen size of the iPhone 6 if it wants to compete with the large 5in full HD screens of competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and LG G2.

Besides a bigger and high performance screen there's been talk of solar power.

Japanese tech believes that the I6 will have a 5in full HD or 3D display, which should go a long way towards quieting the laughter of Android fans with their larger pixel-packed HD screens.

However, Expert Reviews believes that the I6’s screen might have an even higher pixel of 2,272x1,280 resolution so apps can be scaled up easily.

The display is expected to be a Sharp IXGO display, which means that Apple could shave off a few millimeters of thickness by making the I6 thinner, more powerful and efficient screen.

There are also rumors that the Iphone6 will feature a super-hard sapphire display, which will be made by GT Advanced Tech. Who already produces the camera lens and ID Touch home button.

This means that nothing short of a diamond will be able to make a nick or dent on the I6’s screen, which will be a very needed upgrade.

Update 11/11/13: Apple is working on 4.7in & 5.5in iPhone models. Whether these are experimental prototypes or final products remains a secret, but at least we can generally agree think that, whatever the size, the I6 will arrive with the biggest screen seen on an Apple Iphone.

That's not it, Bloomberg's source states that the I6 will have a curved glass display which will wrap around the edge of the device. Similar to the LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round, but different.
More megapixels

The iPhone 5s has a great camera with dual-tone flash for more natural color images, and we expect the same type of flash to remain in the I6.

Given the I6’s larger screen (and therefore bigger build), we could also see a bump in megapixels and sensor size as there will be more room for Apple to play around with.

Update 13/01/14: China's Nomura Security has told the China Post that the I6 will bump up the mega pixels to 10mp, and with a major improvement – optical image stabilisation (OIS).

OIS is present in newer and very impressive smartphone cameras like the ones in the Nokia Lumia1020 and LG Gll, and it will provide the I6 owners with very sharp, and excellent detailed shots in darker conditions

Better Processing

Apple’s 64-bit A7 processor is already super fast, but if previous IPhones are anything to go by, we could see a souped-up A7x processor within the new I6. The I6 could be the first iPhone to support 2GB of RAM and 128GB sd storage. But if that is the case that means the price will be extreme also.
vUpdate 28/01/14 The I6 could be the first to use solar charging built into the screen, according to the report by Seeking Alpha's Matt Margolis. He's put together evidence from multiple sources – One of them being a job listings from Apple themselves for a "thin films engineers" with solar experience to come to this conclusion.

While we don’t yet know exactly what the Apple Iphone6 will bring to the table, but one thing we do know is that it will be a Iphone to remember and set new trends for Apple smartphones.

Check Out A Sneak Peak Of Some Features On The New Iphone 6:


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